moss knits

The remarkably beautiful coast of Maine, with her rich textures and striking colors, is our home – and our muse.  

A Little About Us –

We design hand knitting patterns for garments that we love to wear, often. And that we love to knit for family and friends, for babies, for all the special people in our lives.

Our concepts are clean, straightforward,and contemporary. We strive for designs that are clever, but not complicated to execute – we like our knitting to be relaxing and fun.

We knit – and write and garden and cook – on the coast of southern Maine, where we draw daily inspiration from land and sea, as well as from the numerous artists, designers, and sheep who also call this state home.

Tina Fischer is our primary designer. She's been knitting (and sewing) for adults and children for more than 30 years, which means...yeah, she has a pretty healthy stash!

Feel free to email us with questions or suggestions. We sincerely hope you enjoy our patterns.

Showcasing the Beauty of the Yarn 

Our concepts are designed to allow the inherent beauty of the yarns to shine. We most often prefer to knit with nature's fibers, and we strive to feature yarns for our designs that are either made in the U.S. or sustainably grown and processed. We'll share information on yarns that we feel best compliment our designs for their appearance, wearing comfort, durability – and provenance. 

We also love to share the work of some of the many talented people working in the field of fiber. Check our blog for featured artists and links to meet inspiring fellow makers.

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We welcome your questions or suggestions:

We knit for the uniquely human joy of making – a satisfaction that is so elemental, it's difficult to put into words. We knit to clothe ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to connect with other knitters, to share with loved ones, and to swim in the deep richness of the yarn. We knit for the joy of creating beauty.